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    TNT Transfer Case does not sell transfer cases online for a few good reasons. First there are so many options and upgrades that were offered, some vehicle models had different models of transfer cases installed.

    Being able to communicate with you directly eliminates the wrong item being sent to you. 

    Be aware that 4WD and AWD transfer case assemblies are sensitive to front and rear tire diameter mismatching, especially with transfer cases that contain viscous couplings. Some transfer cases that are especially affected include NP 149, NP 247, NP 249, BW 4404, BW 4410, and BW 4472 models, all of which have viscous couplers.

    The manufacturer New Venture Gear asserts that the tire diameters should be within 1/16 inch (or just under 1/4 inch circumference) all around.

    Failure to keep tires within specification tolerances WILL cause premature failure of the 4WD and AWD units.

    TNT Transfer Case offers re-manufactured, (rebuilt) and new replacement transfer cases. We also offer transfer case parts, transfer case chains and upgrade parts for all transfer case models. Contact us today for your transfer case needs.