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TNT Transfer Case wanted to share some information  about the different Ford VehiclesTransfer Cases available.  Some of this information has been gathered from other Ford enthusiasts and professional mechanics that want to share their  knowledge. We hope this information can help you determine which transfer case you need and any upgrades that might be available. We hope this might help in identifying the transfer case found on your Ford Vehicle.  

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Let’s face it, sometimes SUV’s, 4×4’s and other Offroad vehicles, are a necessary part of life. Use your off road vehicle wisely.  We replace all bearings, seals, fork pads, viscous (when the unit has them) and chains (chains are Morse and only Morse chains). Each Transfer Case is unique and specific to the vehicle. Please locate the identification tag on your transfer case and write down the Model & Assembly Numbers. These numbers are critical in determining the exact transfer case for your vehicle

All of our rebuilt and new transfer cases come with a 24 month / 70,000 mileage warranty

Ford NP208
The NP208 is an honest, lightweight, chain driven transfer case. Its perfectly adequate for everyday use, except maybe for the slip yoke on the output shaft, there’s nothing inherently wrong with it. It was used in a variety of applications through the 1980’s, including Jeep, General Motors, Dodge, and Ford pickups.

The primary concern with the NP208 is the output shaft slip yoke found on most applications. For everyday driving and ordinary four wheel drive use, the slip yoke tends not to be an issue. For vehicles that see more aggressive off-road use, high degrees of flex or articulation, and lifted vehicles (especially with short wheelbases), the slip yoke can quickly become the Achilles heel of the drive train system and limit it’s capability. In addition to driveshaft vibration concerns, the slip yoke can easily leave you stranded in the event of a u joint or driveshaft failure. Ordinarily, the vehicle would be able to be limped home by removing the rear driveshaft and relying only on the front axle. But with the driveshaft removed, the NP208 slip yoke will not stay put and the transfer case will lose its entire oil supply. With no lubrication, you’re unlikely to make it far. Fortunately, there are upgrade kits on the market which will convert the transfer case to a fixed yoke and eliminate these concerns.

Applications: 1980 – 1986 Ford F-250, F-350 & Bronco

Ford NP271 & NP273
Identify: Magnesium case, Low range: 2.72, Lubricant: ATF
Basically the same case, the NP 271 has a manual shift and the NP 273 is electronically shifted; found in Ford HD trucks. NP271 & NP273. New Process Gear Two  speeds:High: 1:1, Low: 2.72:1.  Aluminum (magnesium) case.  Front output.  Chain Drive, fixed rear spoke.  Upgrades available: Low Input spline count: 24, 31, or 34

Applications: 1998-and-up Ford F-250 and heavier Super Duty trucks.

Ford BW1350 & BW1354
The BW1350 and BW1354 are both 3-piece aluminum part time transfer cases.  They both transfer power from the transmission to the rear axle and when actuated, also the front drive axle.  The unit is lubricated by a positive displacement oil pump that channels oil flow through drilled holes in the rear output shaft.  The pump turns with the rear output shaft and allows towing of the vehicle at maximum legal road speeds for extended distances without disconnecting the front and or rear driveshaft.  The BW1350  front receiver has a spline shaft where the front driveshaft slides in.  The 1354 has a yoke on the front that accepts a u-joint and holds it in place with straps.  Both are produced as  mechanical shift and electronic shifts. The BW1354 is a Ford brand transfer case that comes with an aluminum transfer case and is chain driven.

Applications: Bronco II from 1986-1990, Explorers (non-sport models) from 1991-1995, Explorer Sport and Sport Tracs from 1991-2001, and Rangers from 1990-1998.

Ford BW1356
The Borg Warner BW1356 is a heavy duty, chain driven, part time transfer case. Available in either mechanical or electronic shift versions. The electronic shift version utilizes a worm gear driven mechanism. The two piece, magnesium case is visually similar to the BW1345, but with careful examination of the ribs cast into the case can help distinguish the two. The transfer case has an internal oil pump which lubricates the bearings during operation. As the pump is designed for ATF, it is important to use the correct fluid and avoid using heavier gear oils, which may reduce the transfer case’s life and lead to premature failure.  

Applications: include the 7.3L Power Stroke diesel, paying homage to the unit’s strength as the turbo diesel produces significantly more torque than any of Ford’s gas engines.  Ford F-Series pickups and Broncos from 1987 through 1997

Identification: Metal tag stamped with “1356” located on transfer case, typically on the backside. Magnesium, ribbed, two piece transfer case (two part casting bolted together in the center).

Ford BW4404

The BW4404 manufactured by Borg Warner is chain driven. The BW4404 is AWD torque on demand, part time transfer case. This unit was utilized beginning in 1996. The BW4404 has a magnesium case and utilizes a viscous clutch system, this case was manufactured with left side drop output and has a low gear ratio of 2.72 to 1.
This unit can have issues with premature chain and sprocket and viscous coupler wear causing failure, also high mileage failures of these parts have been seen. Another problem associated with the BW4404 transfer case is input shaft failure. However, In general the BW4404 design is very good for the horsepower rating that it is specified for, receives good ratings for operation in snow conditions.

Applications: Ford Explorer 1995-2001, Mercury Mountaineer 1997-2001

Ford BW4405
The Borg Warner BW4405 transfer case is an Automatic Four Wheel Drive system. It’s controlled by the Generic Electronic Module. When in the automatic mode, the transfer case can vary the torque between the front and rear drive shafts so the vehicle can drive at highway speeds in full time 4WD.
The BW4405 transfer case is known to suffer mechanical failure resulting in a loss of drive accompanied by a ratcheting noise coming from the transfer case during coast or deceleration or when in reverse. Prior to this failure, the transfer case likely makes an occasional thump noise at a constant road speed of 40-60 MPH. Upon inspection you’ll find the range hub and range fork damaged.
The BW4405 transfer case will make noise if there’s a difference in tread depth of more than 0.15mm (0.06-in.) between front and rear wheels. The difference in rolling circumference can be caused by tread wear or tire pressure differences.
The transfer case can also make noise if the unit is low on fluid.
Applications: Ford Explorers,  1995-2001, Ford Ranger 1995-1997 and Mercury Mountaineer 1998-2001.

Ford BW4406 & BW4407

The BW4406 transfer case was introduced in 1996 for a variety of Ford vehicles with a GVWR less than 7,200 lbs. The transfer case was offered as either a part time or full time torque-on-demand unit, making it suitable for Ford’s AWD Expedition model. The BW4407 is the heavy duty alternative to the 4406, used in trucks with a GVWR greater than 8,500 lbs. Both transfer cases feature similar low range ratios. The stronger BW4407 was available with a PTO option, allowing it to be used with hydraulic accessories. It was designed specifically to be used with the Ford E4OD automatic and ZF manual transmissions. Due to the chain drives, both the BW4406 and BW4407 require ATF for lubrication. The transfer case and transmission lubrication systems are isolated from one another, meaning that the transfer case and transmission fluids must be changed independently.

BW4406 Applications: Select 1996 – 2003 Ford F150/F250 pickups & Expeditions under 7,200 lbs GVWR
BW4407 Applications: 1996 – 1998 Ford F250/F350 trucks, greater than 8,500 lbs GVWR

Ford BW4410:  Transfer BWBW4410 Transfer Case uses a viscous drive, front cup yoke, rear flat circular flange with out speedometer hole, equipped in Ford AWD vehicles.

Applications: 2002-2005 Explorer & Mountaineer

Ford BW4411: The BW4411 transfer case has a 28 Spline Input, front cup yoke, rear circular flange, no speedometer hole, no front and rear sensor hole and no rear sensor. Matched with  5R55S transmission. Single speed. W/T.O.D. (Electric shift) front cup yoke, rear circular flange.

Applications: 2002-2005 Explorer & Mountaineer

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