TNT Transfer Case

Below you will find a list of transfer cases available for each manufacturer. If you do not see your model listed, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We also offer some limited models of Import Transfer Cases & parts.


Jeep Transfer Case Model Numbers (Reman)

Jeep NP208 Transfer Case … $850. * w/exchange

Jeep NP228 Transfer Case .. $1145. * w/exchange

Jeep NP231 Transfer Case … $745. * w/exchange

Jeep NP242 Transfer Case … $895. * w/exchange

Jeep NP245 Transfer Case … $895. * w/exchange

Jeep NP247 Transfer Case … $895. * w/exchange

Jeep NP249 Transfer Case … $895. * w/exchange

Jeep NP2410R Transfer Case …** Contact us**

  * w/exchange

Please read the Core Return Policy

Ford Transfer Case Model Numbers (Reman)

Ford NP208 Transfer Case ……. $895. * w/exchange

Ford NP271 Transfer Case …… $795. * w/exchange

Ford NP273 Transfer Case ……. $795. * w/exchange

Ford BW1345 Transfer Case … $795. * w/exchange

Ford BW1350 Transfer Case …. $695. * w/exchange

Ford BW1354 Transfer Case …. $695. * w/exchange

Ford BW1356 Transfer Case …. $895. * w/exchange

Ford BW4404 Transfer Case …. $895. * w/exchange

Ford BW4405 Transfer Case …. $795. * w/exchange

Ford BW4406 Transfer Case …. $795. * w/exchange

Ford BW4407 Transfer Case …. $895. * w/exchange

Ford BW4410 Transfer Case …. $995. * w/exchange

Ford BW4411 Transfer Case …. $995. * w/exchange

GM Transfer Case Model Numbers (Reman)

GM NP136 Transfer Case …. Contact for pricing

GM NP149 Transfer Case …. $1195. **upgrade/exchange

GM NP207 Transfer Case …. $695. * w/exchange

GM NP208 Transfer Case …. $995. * w/exchange

GM NP231 Transfer Case …. $695. * w/exchange

GM NP233 Transfer Case …. $695. * w/exchange

GM NP236 Transfer Case …. $750. **upgrade/exchange

GM NP241 Transfer Case …. $895. * w/exchange

GM NP243 Transfer Case …. $745. * w/exchange

GM NP246 Transfer Case …. $895. **upgrade/xcghange

GM NP261HD Transfer Case. $1100. **upgrade/exchange

GM NP261LD Transfer Case. $995. **upgrade/exchange

GM NP261XHD Transfer Case $1150. **upgrade/exchange

GM NP263HD Transfer Case. $1100. **upgrade/exchange

GM NP263XHD Transfer Case $1200 **upgrade/exchange

** Upgrade/Exchange includes heavy aluminum rear 
case. *w/exchange, read core return policy

Dodge Transfer Case Models (Reman)

Dodge NP231 Transfer Case ……….$745. * w/exchange

Dodge NP241DHD Transfer Case. $1200. *+contact us

Dodge NP241DLD Transfer Case …$995. * w/exchange

Dodge NP271 Transfer Case …….. $1095. * w/exchange

Dodge NP273 Transfer Case …….. $1095. * w/exchange

*+Contact us, most models. * w/exchange read core return policy

Hummer Transfer Case Models (Reman)

NP 242 …………………….. $1150 *
 NP 4484 ……..…………….. $1100 *

BMW Transfer Case Models (Reman)

NV125-X5 …….…………….. $1150

Mercedes Transfer Case Models (Reman)

ML320 ……….…………….. $1300
 ML430 ……….…………….. $1300

*  w/exchange

Transfer Case Upgraded Heavy Aluminum Rear Case

Get the replacement transfer case upgraded heavy aluminum rear case that fixes inherent weaknesses built into OEM (original equipment manufacturer) transfer cases that came with the vehicle you have. If your vehicle has one of the following models, your transfer case may end up with oil leaks.  ………………………….. $145

Transfer Case Models Affected:
• NP 136
• NP 149
• NP 236
• NP 246

• NP 261HD
• NP 263HD
• 261XHD (for Allison Transmissions)
• 263XHD (for Allison Transmissions)

See more information

All Reman Units have new seals, bearings, chains, fork pads and viscous. Electric shift motors and sensors are NOT included with any transfer case shipped to customers. If possible, retain your existing electric shift motors or sensors for your replacement transfer case.  Shipping within the contiguous United States is $125 per transfer case which includes a return label to ship back your old unit. Most are in stock. Same day shipping 95% of the time.

Core Return Policy

To return your old “rebuild-able” core (no cracks or holes and not burned up due to lack of oil), use the original shipping container and the foam provided. Transfer case must be completely drained of oil. TNT Transfer Case  will not accept boxes showing signs of oil leakage. You must ship your old transfer case in the same box in which it was shipped to you. Transfer case cores received in other packaging which is not the original packaging will not be accepted and no core refund will be given.  Pack your core securely. The transfer case must be in the middle of the box surrounded by the original foam. Extra care must be taken when packaging to insure against damage in transit. Poor packing will result in a damaged core and no refund will be given.

Reduction of core refund for cores returned damaged or with missing parts or pieces shall be for:

 Cracked or broken main case 50% of core value,  Cracked or missing tail housing 25% of core value
Burned up unit 100% of core value

24 month / 70,000 mileage warranty

TNT Transfer Case provides all of our rebuilt and new transfer cases with a 24 month / 70,000 mileage warranty against defects in material and workmanship to the original purchaser from the purchase date.

This warranty does not cover the following:

Use for purposes for which it was not originally designed.
Abuse, neglect, accident, or improper towing.
Improper installation and maintenance including failure to fill unit with proper fluid and level.
Failure because of defects or inefficiencies of parts or assemblies not furnished with the transfer case.
Should a warranty concern arise, contact TNT Transfer Case  immediately, we will repair or replace the defective unit at our discretion. Labor reimbursement for authorized in-vehicle repairs will be paid according to a flat rate as agreed to by TNT Transfer Case.

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